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Uses of transport monitor and shock recorder

Uses of transport monitor and shock recorder

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trainA Transport monitor system is used in order to monitor the condition of shipment. It helps to ensure the safety of the shipment by helping to monitor critical factors such as temperature, vibration. Also there are products which can be used in a transport monitor system in order to measure shocks or vibrations. In order to take good decision and reduce cost you need the data about the damages of your product during transportation. By using transport monitor you can get the data and you can take the necessary steps to reduce the damage of your shipment.

Shock recorders are used in transport monitor system for this purpose. The task of a shock recorder is to monitor vibration, shock and environmental conditions in real time and report. You can sometimes also find optional function such as finding your goods position with GPS and you can check all these in real time on your PC.

Shock recorders are very important when you are shipping goods such as transformer. If they are subjected to impact or shock, cracks may appear. Other damages also may occur; for example the Windings/core may get displaced or distorted. Because of movement the insulation may be abraded and as a result short circuit may occur. Clamping pressure may become loose due to mechanical vibration and so windings may collapse when there is an electric fault. So from this example we can see that two types of damage may occur during transportation:

  • Visible Damage
  • Concealed Damage

Shock recorders are used to monitor these harmful shock or vibrations and the data can be used to reduce the damage of goods during transportation.

Shock recorders are used in many sectors. They are used in Packaging and vehicles in supply chain. They are used is nuclear materials, biomedical supplies. They are needed in wind turbines. Rail and sea containers uses shock recorder in order to monitor damage. They are very useful during shipping electronics item. They are also used in telecommunications / computer racks, Medical / lab equipment.

If you use shock recorder you can get the following benefits also:

The data collected from shock recorder can be used as evidence during an insurance claim. If you use shock recorder you can put the damage on shipper, and you need not put it on the manufacturer. You can make use of the data of shock recorders in order to create better designed goods which are less fragile. The data is recorded all the time and you can get the exact time when the damage occurred. Most of the shock recorders are very durable, so you can use them for a very long time.

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