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How to Use Accessories in order to Create Perfect Selfies?

How to Use Accessories in order to Create Perfect Selfies?

30/01/2015 13:30Comments are Disabled

Special hairbrushes and image editing mobile apps are some of the unusual and odd accessories invented by the fashion and electronics industry. It seems that all these manufacturers are competing with each other and they are obviously using all of their creativity, so that the modern addicts of sophisticated gadgets would take the perfect auto portraits with their smartphones or tablets.

picIn order to preserve a lasting memory of certain place, some interesting meeting or event or simply out of narcissistic motives, selfie has now become ubiquitous. Even the world’s most famous dictionaries have included this word on their pages while many magazines and organizations voted selfie as the most popular new word. It looks like people all over the world and even out of our planet are taking selfies. Not long ago an astronaut on the international space station took the first selfie in space. In case you didn’t know this trend has caused some religious controversies too. For example, some pilgrims in Mecca have provoked anger among fellow believers and priests by taking selfies in front of one of the holiest sites in this religion.

So, it is no surprise why the industry related to photography and to creating useful gadgets and accessories is focused on selfies. For example, did you know that there is a selfie-brush available on the market? This device comes in the form of a regular brush, but it also comes with a special frame where a smartphone can be placed. In this way, you can easily keep your smartphone safe (it works like a case) and you can comb you’re her right before you take a selfie. It makes sense right?

Introducing.. the selfie stick!

74-selfiestickAnother interesting innovation is the so-called selfie-stick. Thanks to this stick you can take the perfect selfie because you can hold the extension in a more stable manner and you can take selfies from wider angles. This means that you can include more than just a couple of people in one photo. This is a great way to have fun with your friends. This accessory is quite popular in the UK. In fact, there are many people who use them, so coming across a man carrying and using a selfie stick in the UK is nothing unusual and no one will look at you like you are doing something completely weird and unusual. The latest news suggests that selfie sticks are coming to the USA in a big way.

As we have mentioned before, there are few other accessories that make selfies even more interesting. Photo editing mobile apps are one of these accessories. There are literally dozens of apps like these. For example, YouCam perfect is an application that features filters that can help users darken or whiten their natural skin tan, whiten their teeth and even “lose” some weight. There are also certain Bluetooth-based remote controllers that can help people take selfies from a slightly longer distance. Finally, there are some drones that can be used to take selfies from air.

It looks like the selfie-craze will continue to grow in this year too.



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